Eco Vision

As a ♻ carbon-neutral marketplace, Hopprfy puts sustainability at the very core of its ecosystem.

Hopprfy prioritises sustainable courier options: electric and push bikes, cargo bikes, e-motorbikes and electric and hydrogen vans - to make sure we set a precident others can follow.

We hope to encourage users of Hopprfy in both developed and less developed nations, to utilise the 'green path' as a matter of course. By keeping deliveries local and sourced from local suppliers, we keep emissions low by ensuring delivery distances are kept short - it's a built-in in passive emissions reduction mechanic.

Sustainability guarantee

Hopprfy CEO Hugo Santos, was at the heart of a variety of sustainable logistics initiatives in his previous role at Gophr - he has all the experience, existing courier partner contacts and practical knowledge base to ensure Hopprfy is the leading platform in sustainable hyperlocal initiatives; Hopprfy is already in conversations with a number of potential partners regarding an eco-fleet for its internal driver fleet.

Hopprfy Eco Incentives

Participants at every level of the transaction are rewarded for maintaining carbon neutral operations (vendors) using clean emission vehicles (drivers) and picking sustainable purchase and delivery options (customers).

Some examples are:

  • • Vendors are given periodic rewards for maintaining a carbon-neutral status, based on sales £ value.
  • • Eco-friendly external couriers (i.e. pedal me, cargo bikes) are given priority in the courier selection screens.
  • • Internal Drivers are awarded per delivery bonuses for using clean vehicles, based on the customer ranking and a number of other factors (to produce a blended score).
  • • Customers given in app bonuses for using ‘clean’ stores and couriers, as loyalty points and ERC20 HOPP token.

Eco Rewards

Eco rewards are paid out in a number of ways:

  • • As direct commissions via Stripe (GBP)
  • • As ERC20 HOPP token
  • • As Hopprfy Loyalty Points

See the Hopprfy Vendor Terms And Conditions for more details on reward payouts.

By coming together and all doing our part, we can make a noticable impact on the future of our planet.

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