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WHAT IS Hopprfy?

We eliminate the problems prevalent in third party marketplaces. Hopprfy fully streamlines transactions between businesses, couriers, and consumers. It is a fee-fair, carbon neutral ♻️ ecosystem, app and toolset for all types of goods and services, that can be used anywhere.

The Hopprfy platform can power any delivery on demand business use case with a fully featured delivery app and platform that can handle any hyper-local delivery scenario. From flowers, clothes, to mobile phones, anything sold online or on the high street can be delivered instantly with Hopprfy.

Whether you are a local entrepreneur starting his own delivery empire - that wants to earn a passive revenue while others do the sales / delivery...

...or an existing retailer who wants to offer instant door to door fulfilment (i.e. Selfridges, CEX or Primark) - we have built an app and platform that will imbue your enterprise with a state of the art delivery channel and ecosystem ‘out of the box’.

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Hopprfy charges ZERO fees to drivers and only 5% OR LESS to sellers! That's FIVE TIMES LESS than Uber Eats! Our app is fully customisable at every level. Talk to us today about setting up your network.

Hopprfy allows anyone to create their own personal Uber Eats

WITH INCLUDED DRIVERS - and maintain full control over their commissions and customers! Now all partners large and small can finally offer the kind of features previously only available on Uber Eats, Just Eat or Amazon - without the massive 'service fees' for sellers. Get your business ready for the future today.


That's right, you heard us! Forget the 30% - 40% the other marketplace platforms swipe - we'll cut your charges by FIVE TIMES or MORE, guaranteed.


Hopprfy runs on Hoppr.io, the latest containerised realtime e-commerce store toolkit, built by us.


Get paid what you deserve. Hopprfy works WITH drivers and partners, helping their revenue streams - not syphoning their profits.


Are you a mobile or popup? No problem - we allow you to move the location of your store at any time.


Your account is credited as SOON as you hand over the order to the driver. We use Stripe for payments, so you can rely on getting your cash fast.


Earn HOPP Token with every purchase / delivery. Cash out or HODL! A fully built in passive income stream and ecosystem!!

Hopprfy Roadmap 2021 / 2022

We had an amazing year working with alphabit.fund to incubate the project and develop the app features while building out our team and launch partners.

Businesses have learned to depend on orders from third-party platforms

... and the obscene commission fees are skimmed off the top of the transaction revenue before ever becoming visible to them. This scenario leaves businesses trapped in an impossible cycle.

In order to compensate for this reduced revenue, most businesses begin increasing prices, a cost that is shackled to the customer.


Browse by network, category, use the super search, or our voice activation to find exactly what you want!


One of our nearby drivers will service your order, and the driver will deliver to your requested location in 30 minutes (in urban areas)


Buy sell deliver, all in one easy to use app. Track riders, cash in, cash out, work as your own delivery business, as a vendor or both – where you want, when you want.


Hopprfy has full end to end order tracking, Waze integration for drivers, and email and chat features in app!


Got some more queries? Drop us a line now at info@hopprfy.com

If you want to join us as a partner, email us: partners@hopprfy.com - and we'll get you up and running within a couple of days!

That's what our support desk is for! Use the live chat right here in the corner of this page! Or raise a ticket at ordersupport@hopprfy.com

With Hopprfy, you (as a partner) pay tiny fees and are paid full normal retail cost for your products. For drivers, we charge ZERO commissions and pay full 'per order' fees. For customers we provide better user experience including more options nearby, lower prices (often), more product selection, and a single product menu for all of London. You don’t have to ‘browse’ stores, just select products from a unified menu. Furthermore, unlike the big companies that take all the revenue for themselves, we share the revenue more fairly with our drivers, sales team, network owners, and other partners, through various different revenue channels.

You sign up with the app and login as outlined below, then choose which products you can offer. Then when a customer places an order, you will receive an alert and an ID of the order. Just bag the goods for our driver to collect. When the driver collects, your pending balance will be updated accordingly. When you want to get paid, just select the option in the app and your balance will be deposited immediately into your account.

Hoppr.io is the technology that powers Hopprfy. It allows for anyone to create local delivery based apps and networks for any high street product type anywhere in the world. Imagine Shopify - but for creating delivery apps. Hopprfy is the first Hoppr.io powered app/network to launch - in the future we envision many Hoppr.io clusters will be launched as microservice clusters by individuals and businesses - providing delivery of any high street product imaginable.

delivers anywhere

Sneakers to the house? No problem? Smokes to the bar? Right on. Need a new dress for the afterparty? There in 20!

30 minute delivery

We'll get to you as soon as we can - an average of 21 minutes delivery time in urban areas! That's pretty good, eh?

drive for us

We are hiring now! You can work alongside all your other rider apps - contact us now

sell with us

Are you a retailer and want to go quids in by signing up to Hopprfy? What are you waiting for - start earning today,

Latest / Upcoming Features

Our features pipeline. Get involved with our Telegram community now, and tell us what you want to see!

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  • In App Feature
  • Current: Advanced prototype
Crypto Wallet + Token Ecosystem

Our ecosystem token. Anyone paying with HOPP is exempt from payment provider fees. It’s a global discount mechanic. Customers earn up to 30% back in with every purchase when they buy goods / services or send items. Tokens can be used towards purchases alongside, or instead of, traditional payment methods.

  • In App Feature
  • Current: Advanced prototype
Fuzzy AI Barcode Scanner

The Fuzzy AI barcode scanner makes it extremely easy to add items by scanning them in. Our APIs find the image, name, description and your item is live in seconds. We use this to power our reseller features (think 'hyper-local Vinted').

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